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stop wishing for the sunshine, start living in the rain. ♫
hi! i'm nikki :) my blog is full of formula one, kids in glass houses and harry potter. :)
i'm a lifelong jenson button and michael schumacher supporter and a mclaren fan through and through. :) chances are if you're looking at my blog over a race weekend, all you'll see is formula one. i post so much absolute rubbish on this blog, and if i were you i probably wouldn't choose to follow me, but hey it might be interesting if you did! :D
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@Vangsness: I am never getting this growth removed. To season 10! @ajcookofficial

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had my puppy at home for less than two weeks and have already had to take her to the vets - spending £90 when we got there! mum decided it would be nice to let her eat some pear, and only googled it to make sure it was okay for dogs AFTER she’d given it to her. needless to say i wasn’t too impressed, and she had to throw it back up so not really sure bonnie’s all that impressed either! gah. sometimes i’m really not sure if i should let them spend as much time together as i have been! :/

have done nothing today apart from play with my puppy and watch crappy tv. it’s been a good day. :) off to beckie’s later for food, movie and chilling evening and then longleat tomorrow. happy days! :)


i blame the weasley twins completely for the fact that i’m attracted to tall, funny, ginger guys.

little bit of pitch perfect! #favouritefilm #films #pitchperfect



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i’m in a foul mood today. i don’t know whether it’s post gig depression, or the fact that i’m spending my week off surrounded by everyone else when all i want to do is be by myself or what. everything my mum says is driving me insane, i just want her to leave me alone.

i think i’m going to get very, very drunk on friday night.

for fuck sake. why do people have to talk about sex with my mum, specifically when i’ve asked them outright not to. pisses me off. there’s a million and one other conversations to have, fucking have them.

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Finally did some personal design work, finished one of many ideas that are pending. Hope you guys like it.

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Okay guys lets get this stuff unpacked.  
Karen’s stuff…Some supplies…Karen…

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