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stop wishing for the sunshine, start living in the rain. ♫
hi! i'm nikki :) my blog is full of formula one, kids in glass houses and harry potter. :)
i'm a lifelong jenson button and michael schumacher supporter and a mclaren fan through and through. :) chances are if you're looking at my blog over a race weekend, all you'll see is formula one. i post so much absolute rubbish on this blog, and if i were you i probably wouldn't choose to follow me, but hey it might be interesting if you did! :D
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right, so i’ve been wondering… when me and my friend saw kids in glass houses at the O2 academy in London, we got these free wristbands whilst we were waiting.. i was just wondering if anyone knows whether the O2 academy in Bournemouth would be doing the same for you me at six? if anyone knows and could let me know i’d be grateful.. :D