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stop wishing for the sunshine, start living in the rain. ♫
hi! i'm nikki :) my blog is full of formula one, kids in glass houses and harry potter. :)
i'm a lifelong jenson button and michael schumacher supporter and a mclaren fan through and through. :) chances are if you're looking at my blog over a race weekend, all you'll see is formula one. i post so much absolute rubbish on this blog, and if i were you i probably wouldn't choose to follow me, but hey it might be interesting if you did! :D
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so, if i were to get a tattoo - which i’m seriously considering - then this would be the first tattoo i’d get. i doodled this the other day when i was bored, and i just love how it looks. :D whether or not i’ll have the guts to get it is a different matter though.

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